Why isn’t NorthStarDB a non-profit?

IRSCaptureHaving worked for non-profits much of my life including ones who create open source software, it seemed logical that at some point NorthStarDb would become a non-profit.

But now it is clear that changes in the IRS approval process over the past few years make that no longer an option. This article  The new 501(c)(3) and the future of free software in the United States outlines one open source developers struggle to become a 501-c3 and their ultimately being rejected after a four year process.

A number of articles look at the same issues, for example:
IRS policy that targeted political groups also aimed at open source projects

IRS Puts Open Source Projects Under Microscope, Spawns Nonprofit Black Hole

Many open source software projects give away the software but offer paid support. While selling consulting around software is a way to earn money, it also takes time away from development. This is also something that the  IRS has flagged as a questionable practice.  From their new point of view that makes the software a loss leader to bring in for-profit consulting, so not a charitable or educational project worthy of non-profit status.

And that is why NorthStarDb is not a non-profit and unlikely to become one.