Is NorthStarDb right for you?

Download NorthStarDb and try it! -The best way to see if NorthStarDb is right for you is to try it. So download NorthStarDb and see for yourself.

Mac or Windows – NorthStarDb runs on both Windows and Mac machines so NorthStarDb may be a good choice for ether platform or both.

Size is no object – How Much data do you need to store? The FileMaker platform can scale from a single runtime user (NorthStarDb Limited) to up to 200 users in a networked setting using FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server. In terms of data storage it can scale from a few contacts to millions of contacts. The limits of performance for NorthStarDb are mostly limited by the size of the hard drive and the performance of the computer(s) NorthStarDb runs on.

Low Cost – NorthStarDb itself is free but requires FileMaker which is not free to be functional. NorthStarDb can get your organization started with a good database for very little cost. When shared over a network the total cost of FileMaker and NorthStarDb licenses is higher but still comparable or lower than other database options.

With FileMaker or Customized? – NorthStarDb may give you everything you need in one package. There are built in reports. It has all the fields you need for name and address data. A database structure to allow you to setup and store data about your contacts, their interests, activities, donations, and more. Data can be exported to formats for use with your word processor or spreadsheet. NorthStarDb with FileMaker provides an open platform which will allow both the creating of custom reports and even adding custom features.

How much training and support do I need? – Many organizations are using NorthStarDb without any real support or assistance from Clif Graves Consulting. Other organizations need more help to get good use out of their database. The organizations who are most happy with NorthStarDb tend to be those with ether an “accidental techie” (Someone who enjoys and is good at database and technology) or that have some level of technology support that understands FileMaker.

Compared to other database systems, NorthStarDb and FileMaker are as easy  to use as they come. The value of any database system directly reflects the effort put into using it. No database is easy or intuitive. That is the simple truth. In larger organizations one or more persons are dedicated to maintaining the database and training users.  High end commercial database systems often say out loud that a new report will take an experienced user over a week of work (or more) to write. Keep that in mind. If you have realistic expectations, and allow adequate time, you should be pleased.

Customization! Creating new reports or other customizations require some skill using FileMaker and a good understanding of database concepts.