Download NorthStarDb 3

NorthStarDb 3

If you currently have FileMaker version 12 or version 13, this is the NorthStarDb version for you.

(if you have a previous version of FileMaker click here to get NorthStarDb 2)


Installing NorthStarDb for use with FileMaker Pro is a simple process. Before installation make sure that you have an appropriate version of FileMaker Pro installed.

Downloaded the zipped file and place it on your machine
Unzip the folder and copy or drag this folder to an appropriate location on your hard drive.

To run NorthStarDb, double click on the NorthStarDb3.fp7. file from the folder in it’s new location. FileMaker Pro should then load and present you with the NorthStarDb login dialog. Your default username is ‘nsuser’ and your default password is also ‘nsuser’

Note: do not try to run NorthStarDb from the zipped file or from a CD. NorthStarDb needs to be on a readable and writable location to run properly.

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The NorthStarDb 3 Guide is a 55 page manual to give you the information you need to get started with using NorthStarDb 3.