Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

Is NorthStarDb  open source?
No, NorthStarDb runs inside FileMaker Pro which is a a commercial product. FileMaker is not open source so a large part of what makes up NorthStarDb is not open source. Some portions of NorthStarDb can be modified and as such those portions could be perhaps considered open source.

Is NorthStarDB a non-profit? NorthStarDb is not a 501-C3. It is a project of Clif Graves Consulting.

Can I run NorthStarDb without FileMaker Pro?
No, NorthStarDb is what is called a FileMaker solution. It requires at least one copy of FileMaker Pro to be used.

What version of FileMaker do I need to run NorthStarDb?

NorthStarDb 3 supports the FileMaker 12 and 13 file structure.

NorthStarDb 2 supports versions between FileMaker 9 and 11.

NorthStarDb 2 will work as expected with FileMaker 8.5 and up. (FileMaker 8.0 may work in general but is not recommended).

Can I modify NorthStarDb
With NorthStarDB 3 there is a single core file containing multiple tables. This file is open to modification and enhancement.

In previous versions the primary file “NorthStarDb 2” was intended to be a closed file and not subject to modification. The “NorthStarDb2Custom” file was open to modification. Its was intended to allow users to create custom reports and other additions to NorthStarDb.

Can more than one person use NorthStarDb at the same time over a network?
NorthStarDb supports FileMaker Pro peer-to-peer networking for 1 to 4 users on a local area network. Larger network configurations of 250 simultaneous users or more when using FileMaker Server or FileMaker Advanced server with copies of FileMaker Pro.

Can NorthStarDb be shared over the web?
Mostly no. NorthStarDb does not support FileMaker Instant Web Publishing.  NorthStarDb can be shared using citrix, vpn, or some remote desktop applications but NorthStarDb is primarily designed for use on a single desktop or with multiple copies of FileMaker Pro on a local area network.

Is NorthStarDb free?
There is no cost to download and use the NorthStarDb files. To run NorthStarDb you will need a copy of FileMaker which is not free. You may need consulting assistance to configure your copy of NorthStarDb, create custom reports, or import existing data into NorthStarDb. As you would expect none of that is free.