As of April 2015 active development of NorthStarDb has ended.

This was a hard decision. NorthStarDb has been in development and use since 2006 and a lot of great nonprofits have used it, and still are. But realistically times have changed. There are a large number alternatives including a number of “cloud” hosted options¬† available often at low cost.¬† Hosted services rather than software run on the local area network or a local machine are quickly becoming the way that organizations choose. There is even a fully open source alternative.

Continued Availability:

There is no reason to panic. If you are using NorthStarDb and happy with it, you can continue to use it as long as it is useful to you.

Documentation and replacement software downloads will be made available to registered NorthStarDb users upon request.

Limited paid consulting to assist current NorthStarDb users in migration or other issues will available on a time available basis.

Clif Graves