NorthStarDb History

Ver 3.0 minor updates 9/13/2014

As a result of feedback from users one bug was fixed and one feature enhancement was implemented.

* Fixed bug-  When adding a tag to a found set, the tag was  only added to the first record.
* The lookup existing Names feature in the Batch process looked only at the primary name and did not include the Household Name.  Updated to search on and work with any valid name line.

These updates are included in the current download.

NorthStarDb 3  Release May 2014
NorthStarDb3 is NorthStarDb updated for FileMaker 12-13 .

* Migrated to new FileMaker 12-13 file structure.
* Updates to better support use with FileMaker Server
* Addition of Recurring payment feature.  This supports the many non-profits who are now using monthly recurring donations.
*  Integration of custom reporting into core NorthStarDb file and elimination of the Custom Reporting module.
* Various usability enhancements.
* We will also be maintaining support for the FileMaker 10 based NorthStarDb 2 version as needed for the next 2 years.

NorthStarDb 2 for FileMaker 12 Development begins  4/7/2012
FileMaker 12, the latest version of FileMaker,  has been released. NorthStarDb 2 requires a conversion to run under FileMaker 12. The process of reviewing changes in FM12 and how they impact NorthStarDb 2 has started.
* There will be a FM 12  native version of NorthStarDb 2 as soon as we can get the testing and any  required changes made.
* We will also be maintaining the FileMaker 10 based NorthStarDb 2 version as well.

Ver 2.1 is in the testing and final stages. Release in August 2012.
* This is a bug fix and update version of the FileMaker 10 based NorthStarDb 2.
* It is also the working version for the development of FileMaker 12 version of NorthStarDb.

Ver 2.0 minor updates 3/26/2012
* Updated splash screen
* Updated “Update module” to correctly assign Payment/Money definitions while importing and to correctly update the menu title for the Custom Report menu item.
* Import / update note: if the older “SetupDb.mer” file is present, the import into NorthStarDb 2 will use this instead of the “SetupNSDB2.mer” resulting in some missing setup information.

Ver 2.0 Released 2/14/2012
* Consolidated interface and data files.
* Custom Reporting Module
* Substantial changes based on user feedback.
* Focus on ease of use.
* New quick find interface and process
* Return to fully secure FileMaker security model for passwords
* Update module to assist migration of data from NorthStarDb 1

Ver 2.0 – In Beta Testing Release January 2012.
NorthStarDb 1
Ver 1.51 -October 2009

* Update ‘Add Item to Set’ script will not prompt for each record in set to be saved.
* Improve error handling on CANCEL GO TO PAYMENT OVERVIEW script
* Update help to correctly launch documentation from NorthStarDb web site.
* Improve Salutation handling for custom and other types
* Custom, Formal, informal salutation choice added
* Bug fix re not correctly updating some calculated fields
* Bug fix re showing ‘wrong version’ dialog incorrectly
* Free version, Recompile runtime to include FM10v3 updates

Ver 1.50 -May 2009

* Various FileMaker compatibility 10 revisions
* FileMaker 10 runtime for NorthStarDb Free version.
* Changes in layouts to accommodate layout requirements in both FileMaker 10 and FileMaker 8-9.
* “Read-only” user privilege option allows for user interface to be set to read-only.
* Support for FileMaker 10 email to SMTP functionality.
* Quick Find – change behavior so that correct contacts menu shows after find completes.
* Quick Find – expanded quick find fields
* More Structured Payment Title and Definitions (to help prevents inadvertent similar titles etc)
* Payment Table based Find. Allows finds based in the Payment table
* Remove account type from the user setup – not needed.
* Updates to  ToDo list.
* Improved initial setup / first use process
* Improved Letter Builder process for Membership and Donation Thank you letters
* Setup and Letter Builder tables added to the update / Import process.
* Revised 2 year payment report to be a 5 year giving history report
** Platform decision- to ensure ongoing compatibility and reliability NorthStarDb will be ‘pure FileMaker’,
no third party plug-ins will be used.
** End of beta test of QuickBooks Link and Dacons email plug-in (decision to no longer
** Supporting tables and scripts for QuickBooks Link interchange process removed.
** Supporting tables and scripts for Beta version of support for bulk email using the Dacons email plug-in are removed.

Ver 1.00 – April 1 2008

* Improved Quick Find.
Structured payment names for payments on Pledges
* Improved and more “FileMaker like” interface.
* Revised and improved individual summary statistics.
* Automatic update of summary data on start-up.
* Alternative more memorable record numbers, to make looking up a record by Rec# easier
* Revised and expanded pull down menus
* New report and export pull down menus
* 14 added or improved reports
* Simple email to a small group (found set) Uses FileMaker only, no plugin needed
* Over 50 minor and not so minor bug fixes
* Development done and Runtimes compiled with FileMaker 9 (giving good support for the latest Windows and Mac OS)
* Sample data set to make understanding and learning easier.
* Retains support for use with FileMaker 8, 8.5 and makes good use of FileMaker 9 features.
( note to fully support changes to how tabs are handled in FM 8.5 and FM 9 users with FM8.0 may find that in some cases the “wrong” tab comes to the front in tabbed layouts. FM8 users can simple choose the “right” tab to work around this.)
* Ends support for QuickBooks interchange

ver .94.12
– September 2007 (bug fix minor update)
* Bug fix on recording duration for membership payment.
* New Mac package installer for OSX runtime.

ver .94.10 – August 2007

* Tested and fully supports FileMaker 9 (still backward compatible to FM 8.5, minor issues with FM 8.0.)
* Improved more flexible login and password process.
* Setup assistant to assist new users with basic setup and configuration.
* Improved stability in the user settings and interface settings.
* Improved graduated access permission process.
* Added dup check and report choices.
* Customizable Thank you leter for Payments
* Beta version of support for bulk email using the Dacons email plug-in is included. (requires extra
cost email plug-in).
* Many minor interface, bug fix, and usability changes.

March 24 2007
* Changes in interface to give choices of interface on a user by user basis. Interface choices
are Standard, (Contact information and payments), No Payment (Showing only contact info),

* Minor changes from Payment and Pledge to Contacts Overview. Addressing minor bugs and some look and feel improvements
* Space Rental (developed for a client who rents space for meetings, weddings, etc. included in general NorthStarDb to facilitate updates and for use of others who may have similar needs).
* Bug fix re Related records display. Also many small interface and related fixes and improvements.
* Changes to the settings area to accommodate new settings for interface choices and a cleaner presentation of options.
* Change in runtime file extension. The NSD extension has a conflict with another program which used the same extension. The new runtime extension is CGN. Research suggest that this is a totally unused extension and we are in the process of reserving it for NorthStarDb

1/12/2007 ver and ver .91.3.5
* Minor bug fixes, Introduces variable interface global settings.

12/8/2006 ver .91.3.2

Revisions to setup screen. Corrected tab order in Contacts data entry tabs.
* Bug fix on built in labels scripting.
* Bug fix on finds involving membership status.
* Built in and Custom reports presented and launched from a single layout.
* Added response analysis custom report.
* Improved navigation in Contacts edit screen tabs.
* Process to allow backup to text files and restore data from text backup.
* Addition of class / event scheduling and payment features.
* Designed with input from an art museum which offers a broad range of classes and events.
* Changes to contacts interface to allow viewing of more payment data on the contacts page.
* Bug fixes in display of payment amounts and pull down menus in payments and payment find areas.
* Bug fixes in Add Items to Found set.
* Item_ID changed to ebase 2 style generated ten Character IDs
* Minor Bug fixes in label and envelope reports Reports added, Revised Deposit report. Expanded sample user designed report.
* Added export from Calendar for use with Google Calendar
* Added LegacyID fields to aid in importing data
Update NorthStarDbData record IDs (ContactID, PaymentID etc) to use
ebase 2 style generated ten Character IDs rather than FileMaker
serial number IDs.
* Minor bug fixes.
* Add in NorthStarDbReports file for user designed reports.

7/27/06 ver .91.2
* NorthStarDb initial public release