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NorthStarDb3MMNorthStarDb is a contact manager, activist, and fund raising database. Designed using the latest FileMaker tools,

NorthStarDb delivers core features important to non-profits.  It is an open Solution so you are not limited to a few built-in reports in NorthStarDb.

NorthStarDb can be used as a stand-alone program, or can be shared over your network. NorthStarDb is built upon years of experience and feedback from many non-profits around the country regarding what they want and need in a database. With NorthStarDb you can start simple and grow NorthStarDb with your organization.

Why NorthStarDb?

PeopleOverviewToday there are a good number of database alternatives when a non-profit or small organization looks for a contact management / fund raising database. A good number that is, given your organization is using Microsoft Windows and has the money.

NorthStarDb was created using FileMaker because of its ability to run well on both Windows and OSX allowing NorthStarDb to address the needs of those who are using the Apple OSX platform as well as Windows users. As more and more non-profits move to the Apple OSX platform the ability to work on OSX is a clear NorthStarDb advantage.

Why FileMaker?

NorthStarDbDonationMost database solutions are based on some existing database development “platform” letting the database developer focus on providing the interface and “business logic” to reflect the needs of the users. Database platforms range from free open source software to very very expensive commercial software. FileMaker as a database development system falls in between those extremes. FileMaker advantages include:

  • Support for both Mac OSX, Windows, and mixed OS networks,
  • A long history of successful use,
  • A rapid development environment reducing the time and cost of development.
  • User friendly environment for end users to create or customize reports.