The home of NorthStarDb and Clif Graves Consulting is in the lakes region of central Maine.

You can go to http://clifgraves.com/ to see what I am working on now.


I have presented at numerous national conferences, taught at all levels from adult education to college level. I am a trained Total Quality Trainer and bring that perspective to my trainings. It is not just about the software. It is about how you use it to support your over all goals.


  • Consultant, trainer, programmer, and web designer since 1990 .
  • Lead programmer and software designer for ebase v2 (www.ebase.org), a nationally distributed contact manager and fund-raising software package for non-profits.
  • Co-Founder and publisher of Wolf Moon Press and Wolf Moon Journal
  • Presenter at national conferences and workshops. Taught various courses and workshops throughout the U.S., including Internet use, web page design, and ebase.
  • On the Internet since 1984. Linux user since 1998.
  • Experience in SQL query writing and managing Oracle database.
  • Have developed programs in FileMaker, MS Access, dBase, and COBOL, and have programmed on IBM and WANG computers as well as PCs.
  • Experience in operating systems including PC, Mac, and Linux. Experience in networking with Novell and Microsoft Windows Networking.
  • Trained in quality improvement and a TQM Trainer.
  • As adjunct faculty at Central Maine Technical College, I developed and presented the first Internet course at CMTC